The Perishables

by The Perishables

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Recorded 2015


released November 4, 2015

Craig Dukes-engineer
Zeke Acrimonious-singer
Sherman McKay-guitar
Milo Alvarez-bass
Ike Cantrell-drums



all rights reserved


The Perishables Berkeley, California

Alternative Rock Band from the East Bay, we love playing hard and with energy. Check us out on SoundCloud for exclusive hidden music

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Track Name: Necromancer's Desire
your back against the wall you've gone and fucked up took the fall
the hidden thoughts within us all no time to wait no time to stall
another bloody call

with ancient gods descending we shall fight as one and we'll recover the knowledge of an ancient sun unlimited resources lie in the stars above

a higher echelon the gods all jest awaken from my dream just to fucken fail the test sinister rebuttal outer gods

you back humanities fall never wondered at all mindlessly building the wall
shut your mouth you better play ball another bloody wrong

universal answers found within a craft of light we are all just slaves pietry dish planet wide and if we search for answers you bet you're gonna get shot down the answers held by nine
Track Name: Fading Transmission
like a crash at the bottom of the water on the rock
just an instant to say fuck em all the daughters and sons

i'm ready transition
i'm sending transmission
no one ever listened
to what i was wishin

like an echo like a haunt seperated brew notes
whispering willow chilling coffin elated to go home

there's no intermission
life on television
so lose all your wisdom
forget condemnation
Track Name: Bleeding Out
i can't take this error in my brain, it's been driving this dead train
chug along to the sound of evil this pain is so surreal
take me out in the dead of winter, i'll grant you the winner
and point the barrel at me, point the barrel at me

fucked up in my frustration
never having hesitation
the knife touches the vain
what do i do
don't deny what the body wants
i wanna watch my body rot
and come alive again
what do i do

instill the fear that i will fade from red to black each passing day
changing the robes that bind me and watch the end of everything
take me out with the devil's poison, pain as my symptoms develope
and point the needle at me, point the needle at me
Track Name: Grey Existence
my mood ring color grey black is for the night white is for the day
good and evil will fight today none will look my way
never mattered anyway
used all my resources to throw you away sat through the courses
she said it comes by three

in this grey existence i see no passers by
in my oblviion i watch existence die

my mood ring faded out and all of us drowned cause we all were down
knife to bleed you gave up on me death comes by three

my dead ring finger hurts i stare at the dirt and question my worth
i stare at the sea question humanity feel the stings of apathy
death comes by three
Track Name: Oblivion Deck
in my obilvion deck i pull out a card it looks like you i know it's not the truth gimmie your palm lemme read it the world was much too hard for you better beat it kid pack up your shit and hit the fucken streets

last chance you're gonna hear it
the worries of society
and your bones are freezing
caught between the icy winds
your stance is defeated
wishing this was a bad dream
but your phone stopped ringing
trampled by the Nephilim

here lies a turbulent vangrant is this the house on haunted hill where you get your thrills gimmie your palm lemme fill it the world was much too cold for you and now you're hiding and death is knocking rapidly
Track Name: Memories
darlin i wish i could take all the tears i've cried over the course of oh so many years a wallet photograph is all this will ever be but the only wish from me is that you'd be happy

darlin if you could see the evolution of all these laborious years i've expressed my love into a dumb notebook is all this will ever be thousands of lame words telling the same story

right from the start you took my heart now i'm throwing it away all memories now we will part

darlin you grew up in so little time you inspired my love then you blew my mind when you gave your heart so fast and your body too i never express my whole hearted feelings for you

darlin i wish their was nothing to fear self destructive course from me you'll never hear sorry i couldn't be conservative christian you wouldn't wanna be anyways
Track Name: Internal Decay
i saw her for an instance you were just a victim in this second circle of this hell but you never looked my way i was wrapped up in my grey this hateful heart is the mistake that i'll take to the grave

i walk this thin line should i fall on the blade tonight

fucked up and full of venom i'm watching the pendulum feeling delirious from the pain in my abdomen seconds to my beheading my heart forever beating now watch as i fall nauseous to the floor

if i cannot inspire love, i will cause fear
nothing is more painful to the human mind than everlasting change